Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FIRST FROST by Jennifer Estep

Title: “First Frost”

Series: Mythos Academy #0.5

Author: Jennifer Estep


Whenever someone touches an object, they leave behind a psychic vibe, hints of their memories and emotions; the more attached a person is to an object, the stronger the vibe they leave behind.  Sixteen-year-old Gwen Frost has the Gypsy gift of psychometry, which allows her to pick up these vibes from any object she touches.

Normally Gwen uses her gift to make extra money by finding lost belongings for her classmates, until one day she notices a distressed look on Paige Forrest's face.  Eager to know what could make Paige look so scared, Gwen touches Paige's hairbrush and is horrified by the secret she discovers.

Gwen's vision leads to a terrible accident and suddenly she is enrolled at Mythos Academy, a school for the magically gifted; but Gwen feels there is more to this school than she can see...now she just has to believe in it.

My Impression

I enjoyed this novella.  However, the reason I liked this novella so much is because I had already read Touch of Frost, the first book in the series.  Though Touch of Frost mentions the events leading up to Gwen's arrival at Mythos Academy, it was nice to see the events as she experiences them, instead of just seeing her mental recap. 

That being said, I am not sure if I would have enjoyed this novella as much if it was my first introduction to Gwen and her world.  The plot is sort of slow moving and, since the novella functions much like a prologue to Touch of Frost than a stand-alone story, the ending is rather abrupt and doesn't give much insight into the world of Mythos Academy, Gwen's Gypsy gifts, or what role magic plays in the world.

Why I Picked Up This Book

After reading the first two novels in the Mythos Academy series, I decided I should read this prequel to the series.

Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Mythology

My RatingFour Stars

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