Review Policy

Most of the books I review on this blog I have found through Goodreads, browsing the books section at any given store, or have even been required reading for a class.

However, I always love being introduced to new authors and new book series (even if it does mean that my "to read" list never stops growing).  If you would like me to review a specific book, feel free to contact me (see links below) with your request.  Please include the title of the book, the author, and a blurb about the book; if I think the book looks interesting and I can easily get a copy of the book, I will put it at the top of my "to read" list.

I typically post reviews here and on my Goodreads account, though I am willing to post my reviews on other sites by request.

**Update: I would still LOVE to receive requests for reviews, but I am a grad student and this semester is making me super busy. If you do request that I review a specific book, don't be surprised if it takes me a little while to get to it.    --March 5, 2013

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