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Patricia Briggs Book List

Patricia Briggs is the author of many series, duologies, short stories, and a stand-alone novel.  Her most well known works take place in "Mercy's World".

Mercy's World
An urban fantasy world where werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, witches, fae, and other creatures all exist in our modern world.  This universe contains two series (Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega), as well as a couple short stories, and a prequel graphic novel. For a timeline of how all of these works fit together, click here

Mercy Thompson

In a world full of werewolves, Mercy Thompson stands out. Not only does she change into a coyote, but her change is the result of her heritage: she is a walker, born with the ability to sense and resist magic, communicate with ghosts, and transform into a coyote.  Though Mercy would like nothing more than to stick with her day job as a mechanic, her friendships with Adam (the alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack), Stefan (a vampire), Zee (a fae), and the other supernatural creatures of the Tri-Cities area make it hard for her to ignore the magic of the world; especially when it is often up to her to save the day.

Alpha & Omega

Anna is an Omega wolf, one who stands outside the pack structure and brings peace to the wolves of her pack.  Originally brutalized by her Chicago pack, she escapes their abuse with the help of Charles, the Marrok's son and executioner.  Though her wolf has chosen Charles as her mate, and Charles' wolf has chosen her, the human-halves have trouble following along; both are used to separating themselves from the people around them in order to protect themselves.  But when it comes time to protect those around them, they learn that they make a pretty perfect team.  

Short Stories

The short stories that focus on characters introduced in Mercy Thompson or Alpha & Omega.

**Update: As of now, Briggs is under contract for two more Mercy novels (#8 and #9), as well as another book from Mercy's World.  This mystery project might be another Alpha & Omega novel or it could follow another character.  Either way, Briggs has stated that should would like to write another Alpha & Omega novel, though she isn't currently under contract for another book in the series.  She also has plans for a Mercy's World anthology, which would include the currently published stories, as well as some stories following additional characters, including Samuel and Ben.

Other Works


  • Masques
  • Wolfsbane
  • Steal the Dragon
  • When Demons Walk

Raven Duology

  • Raven's Shadow
  • Raven's Strike

Hurog Duology

  • Dragon Bones
  • Dragon Blood

Stand-alone Novels

  • Hob's Bargain

Short Stories

  • "Wishing Well"
  • "The Price"
  • "Fairy Gifts"
  • "Gray"

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