Monday, February 18, 2013

SEEING EYE by Patricia Briggs

Title: "Seeing Eye"
Anthology: Strange Brew

Series: Mercy's World
Author: Patricia Briggs


Moira is a white witch, but that doesn't mean she is happy when Tom Franklin, the second in the Emerald City Pack, rings her doorbell in the middle of the night.  Though she is ready to slam the door in his face, she hesitates when she learns that Tom's brother has been captured by Kouros, the leader of the Samhain Coven.  Moira knows that Kouros practices black magic, and she refuses to let the death of Tom's brother be her fault.  And along the way, they may learn just how much a blind witch and a werewolf can do when they team up.

My Impression

These are two characters that appear in Hunting Ground, the second book in the Alpha & Omega series.  I liked the way Moira and Tom interacted in the book, so I was excited to see how the pair got their start.

On one hand, I really enjoyed this story.  Moira and Tom are secondary characters in Hunting Ground, and it was awesome to learn more about them as a couple and as individuals.  I also liked that this story was not about their romance; it sets up the potential, but the story is more concerned with Tom's brother being captured, so the romance is just a fringe element.

However, I was also a bit disappointed with the conclusion of this story.  I didn't feel like I had seen enough of these characters, and there was no clear indication that the two end up having a future together.  I wanted a more obvious nudge that something would become of these two characters.

Why I Picked Up This Book

I have been a fan of the Mercyverse since I first read "Alpha and Omega", and I decided that I wanted to see how Briggs expands some of her secondary characters.

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance
My Rating: Three Stars

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