Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SILVER BORNE by Patricia Briggs

Title: Silver Borne
Series: Mercy Thompson #5
Author: Patricia Briggs


Mercy is no longer a target for the Mid-Columbia Seethe, and she has repaid her debts to the fae and the vampires, with interest.  It would seem like Mercy can finally fly under the radar...except that life as a coyote is never peaceful.

In Iron Kissed, Mercy borrowed a book from Phineas Brewster, one that would help her learn some of the basic fae stories and artifacts.  When Tad calls and says Phineas is wondering if Mercy still has the book, she offers to return it. But Phin seems to have disappeared, and there are strange fae lurking around his bookstore and his home.  One thing Mercy knows is that if these fae are interested in the book, the only way she will be able to find Phin is if the book stays hidden.

The fae aren't the only people Mercy has to worry about.  Mercy's new status as pack member and mate to Adam is upsetting quite a few people, and they are doing what they can to get Mercy kicked out of the pack.  And something is wrong with Samuel, something bad enough that his wolf has taken control.  If Mercy can't figure out a way to fix Samuel, then he won't live much longer.

My Impression

I'm glad that this book focused on more of the pack dynamics.  Though Mercy was officially brought into the pack in Bone Crossed, the focus of that book was primarily on "vampire politics".  It was obvious from other books that there are a few members of the pack that barely tolerate Mercy, and that the only reason they don't attack her is because of Adam's protection.  I liked learning about other members of the pack and the unrest that has been taking place.

I also liked the plot with Samuel. This is another story that has been building throughout the series, and it seems pretty logical that Mercy becoming Adam's mate would increase Samuel's depression.  And since we learned in Iron Kissed that Samuel views Mercy as pack, I like that she is the one he turns to, and that the blame isn't placed on her.  It was also interesting to see the differences between Samuel and his wolf, since the only other characters we have seen that kind of characterization in are Charles and Anna.

Though the fae plot doesn't dominate this book, I think I enjoyed it because it built in intensity as the book went on.  It was also pretty cool that the fae that become involved have a history with other characters from the series, so meeting them also meant learning a bit of the past.

Why I Picked Up This Book

I just can't put this series down.

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance

My Rating: Five Stars

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