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EXILE by Anne Osterlund

Title: Exile
Series: Aurelia #2
Author: Anne Osterlund


Aurelia has been exiled by her father after refusing to marry the man he selected for her. Though she isn't sure if her refusal has lost her the throne, Aurelia is finally free.  Now she is traveling across Tyralt with a group of guards and Robert as her guide, determined to meet her people.  

Though Aurelia seems to believe she's safe, Robert thinks otherwise.  He knows that Aurelia was born to be a leader, that she has the natural ability to connect with people, and that Melony isn't likely to allow Aurelia to live.

As they continue their journey, Aurelia learns that her kingdom is very different than she imagined, and that there is a lot of evil and danger that the people face every day.  And Aurelia is the crown princess, which means she is in even more danger than she imagines.

My Impression

I loved  this book.  Aurelia has become an even stronger person than she was in the first book of this series.  Though she has always been a pretty independent character, Aurelia made the decision to not have her life decided for her, and that she will not allow fear to make her into a coward.  She also has to accept the betrayal of her sister and the death of the man who tried to kill her at her own hands, both which she struggles to admit are not truly her fault.

There was also more development in the romance between Robert and Aurelia. For a majority of the book they are alone on their journey, which means they have to learn to trust each other completely in order to survive, especially Aurelia who is used to being in charge.  I liked being able to see from both characters' perspectives as they try to navigate their friendship/romance and determine what their true feelings are for the other person.

This book also showed a better look at Tyralt and the political situation that has developed as a result of the king's rule.  There are treaties that have been broken, laws that are not being enforced, and invasion that all make it seem much more important that Aurelia eventually becomes queen.

One problem I had with this book (which is more a problem with the publisher) is that the book ends in a sort of cliffhanger.  It is clear that there is much more to Aurelia's story, but as of now there is no third book to be published.  I know this is a book I will re-read many times; I just wish I could see where Aurelia goes from here.

Why I Picked Up This Book

After reading Aurelia, I wanted to see what happened to Aurelia and Robert.  I really hope that Anne gets the opportunity to continue their adventure, because their journey is far from over.  I want to know what happens next!

Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy
My Rating: Five Stars

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